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daily stuff

Was a good day... and it's not over yet. Happy to report the morning exercise routine is still going well.
It's been a sunny day so I was quite happy to squeeze in a ride on the Harley this morning. Rode to a meeting the long way 'round and back again. A big chunk of the remainder of the day was devoted to more yard work. Transplanted a slew of flower sproutlings to the border garden, weeded, weeded, and then some more weeding. :-) Just finished giving the transplants a good soaking now that the sun is pretty low in the sky. Wendy is re-framing some photos so I cut some new mat boards for her project. The frames I made have been painted with a couple of coats of white... may need another coat... or not. :-) Haven't looked around the garage for the old window glass yet, but I'm pretty sure there's some around SOMEWHERE! Finding 'stuff' that I know is 'around somewhere' can be an exercise in futility at times but I must try before heading to the hardware store to buy new. That's it for now, back to some reading.
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