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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Sun's out, laundry's churning away, cat's are fed, coffee's on... yay, it's Saturday.

At a meeting last night, I ran into a friend I haven't seen in several weeks. She stumbled into some problems but is back on track now, looking healthy and apparently feeling pretty good. Even when trying our best to avoid it, we do fall into a bad place sometimes. It's encouraging to see someone return from the troubling dark space and get their life back in order again.

W is busy catching up on email or writing... doing something quiet in an other room. When she's finished and her mom is up and fed, we have a bunch of errands to take care of. No real plan of what to do first but it'll all work out somehow. I know she has a dept. store coupon which expires today so that'll definitely be on the list somewhere. Need to pick up some paint for the frames which are nearing completion, get some garden supplies, maybe groceries... I don't know, the list could probably be extended but there are things to catch up on around here as well.

Had another successful day of exercise before breakfast. Today was upper body with weights. It's getting easier so I'm thinking it may be time to increase each of the reps pretty soon. Getting easier must indicate improvement, right? I don't, however, seem to notice any real increase in general stamina or energy. I don't expect to feel 20, 30, or even 40 again but on the other hand I don't intend to let the heart problems turn me into a couch potato.

Sounds quiet in the basement so I guess it's time to empty the washer and load up the drier. Then maybe a visit to the yard with a cup of coffee to watch the plants grow. ;-)

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Sitting in the garden with a hot drink is lovely, I just came in from drinking a cup of tea outside :)


I have a cup of tea from time to time, mostly to have a good excuse to try some more delicious honey raised by a friend in Oregon.

mmm, that sounds so good!


Amazing to think of all those bees out in Oregon buzzing around and making honey for my tea. If they only knew. :-)

Good job with exercising! I think any form of exercise is just so important and it amazes me how quickly muscle tone and strength can just go away after something as simple as a week long cold! I'm not sure what kind of heart issue you have, but it sounds like you are determined to stay as healthy as possible in spite of it, and that is just great :)

Yeah, thanks, I feel pretty good that so far I've been able to stick with my exercise plan.

Nice to see you posting

Sounds like things are just perking along. :)

I'm trying to come here more. While I have fun with Facebook and have made some friends that way and use it to keep in touch with other friends, LJ is more of a home on the Web to me. I don't get as personal on Facebook.

Re: Nice to see you posting

Thanks, yeah, I find I tend to be a lot more brief on FB. LJ can be more of a real journal of what's going on. People don't want to read it, they can just move on without feeling they have to click "like" even if I've been writing about the death of a pet or how lousy I feel about the roof leaking... again. LOL

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