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was a nice evening for a ride

Haven't had too much opportunity for a ride with friends lately, but last evening was perfect weather for a ride along the lake and a friend who also rides called with just such a suggestion. She stores her bike in a friend's garage about a mile or 2 from my house so we were off and running by about 6:30 PM. First stop was at a gas station since we were both a bit low on gas. Following that we set out for a comfortable ride along Jefferson next to Lake St Claire. You may be familiar with some of this locale if you saw the Clint Eastwood film, "Gran Torino." It's a great stretch of road for a leisurely cruise by car or bike. Saw lots of bikes doing the very same thing... just riding and enjoying the air. A good turn around point last night was an ice cream place called, if you can believe it, "Lick 'em Up." We had some of Lick em Up's refreshment while watching bikes and cars cruise by. Was a good time for some chatting and catching up.

I still haven't finished work on the 5 picture frames, 4 all glued up and one to go. Then the sanding, sealing, and painting. I'm not sure if I still have some single weight window glass in the garage. If so I'll just cut that to size, if not, then it'll be a trip to the local hardware. Either way they'll be finished in a few weeks. LOL What's the hurry. I may work on them today... or not. :-)

Took my g/f Wendy to the MRI place this morning. She's been having some back pain which the doc indicated was due to a squashed disk or something like that, although he probably used some different, more doctor sounding, wording. Anyway, there's apparently no real recourse, other than physical therapy which hasn't been scheduled yet 'cause he wants to see the MRI results first. Ahh medicine, there are just so many tests.

She went off to get her nails done. Maybe that's a kind of PT in the meantime. LOL

I have a new freebie book on the reader. It's tempting me, started it while waiting in the MRI waiting room. Title is "Contamination," some apocalyptic thriller about a town where the folks are dying off by some (maybe pre-planned) contagion. So either back to the story or down to the wood shop in the basement. But food first. Seeya later.
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