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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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daily stuff

Today was quite pleasant, didn't get the Harley out but did manage to run errands with top down on the Miata. Even better in some ways since I don't wear a helmet with the Miata so I get the pleasure of wind in the hair. :-) For the bike, it's always helmet on.

Met and had a nice conversation with a new employee at the bank I use. She recommended that I speak with their financial adviser regarding a better use of any extra funds I might be accumulating. I was aware of this service, having made use of it before, but it's always helpful to get a nudge to get things started. So I have an appointment for next Tuesday.

Also spent part of the day working in the garden. Can't fathom why I'm not seeing more of my saved zinnia seeds sprouting. Marigolds (the ultimate weed of the flower world, since they always do so well) are up and looking very healthy. Will have to start separating and transplanting them soon. Speaking of weeds, the cultivated beds along the back yard edges are sprouting a new crop of weeds (unwanted growths) so I'm going to have to run through with the tiller again, I s'pose. But it's all fun and rewarding later on in the season when I can sit with a nice cup of coffee and watch the flowers grow. LOL

Time to go see what help I can add to the dinner prep.

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my mom loves gardening...but i just cant keep flowers alive

I've found that marigolds and zinnias are almost like weeds in that they are so easy to grow and KEEP alive. LOL And their seeds are easy to save from year to year.

I'm gonna say it, I find something incongruous in the same guy owning a Harley and a Miata. ;) But I can definitely appreciate the notion of driving with the top down, so it's all good. :)

A fellow gardener! I mainly garden for butterflies, so lots of nectar-rich flowers for the adults and host plants for the caterpillars. It's very satisfying to look out and see butterflies and bees and the like taking advantage of my labors, and it's a great biology classroom for the kids as well. They get to see the whole process, from egg to adult butterfly and back again, plus all the other wee beasties that show up along the way. It is amazing how easy it is to grow weeds, though!

Haha... well, ya see... I've had several Harleys, 2nd to last being a big ol' Electra Glide with all the bells and whistles. Then my GF decided she no longer was happy riding (she was never too crazy about it). I traded the EG in a Miata so we could still hit the road and feel the air. Then I missed having a bike so went back to a smaller Harley, a Sportster. Still fun to tool around on and since I don't take any more long trips, it's OK.

Used to have a much bigger garden when I lived in NJ but have trimmed back here in MI. More flowers than veggies. Still like to play in the dirt, though. :-)

Hi there! I saw the post that you made on the Meeting New Friends community page. I think your posts are fun...I'm not sure exactly how much we have in common, but based off of those post, I can see that we both like gardening... anyway, I thought I'd say hello and add you as a friend here on livejournal. I'm a recent transplant...I had a blog on another site for years and years and then the site shut down, so I'm also trying to meet new friends.

Hi Carrie, I've had this account (permanent) for years and years but have been hanging out on Facebook in recent years, now back to reconnect on LJ.

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