Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


It's Saturday and the sun is shining, looks to be a beautiful day with temp going to somewhere around 70F. This is delightful, especially considering the chilly, rainy weather we've been having. I mention the day of the week only out of habit. Some days I have to actually check to see what day it is. This is not due to any mind bending substances (I don't do that shit... anymore) but being retired, one day is pretty much like another and they do flow into each other. The relevance of it being Saturday is that I have some yard work to catch up on. The rain has invigorated the grass into prodigious growth and I now have to show it who's boss. Thing is I didn't want to crank up the lawnmower too early on a Saturday morning so I turned to the computer instead and now... wow! 2 hours have slipped away. hahahahah Soooo it's off to toil in the sun. Seeya all later.
Tags: lawn, mind, rain, saturday, weather

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