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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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wood shop

I've been doing some wood-working lately. Need some more picture frames to match existing ones for family photos. Cut the pieces from 3/4 stock.framepieces

Today I cut a plywood pattern of appropriate size and started to glue up the corners. The pieces are clamped to the plywood board with "C" clamps.framecorner

Gluing and clamping 1 or 2 corners at a time will take a while. I am in no rush, however, and it'll give me an excuse to trot on down to the basement wood shop from time to time when I'm bored or tired of whatever else I'm doing. Not to hint that I'm hyper or anything... I just like the smell of cut lumber. I leave the sawdust lying around for a looooong time. I make an effort to change shoes when I go down there so as not to drag sawdust upstairs. It's frowned upon. :-)

I haven't gotten back to work on the jewelry piece I began a few days ago but I will.