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It was a good day

I still have some laundry to fold but the chore I'd been putting off is essentially complete.

The play (The Producers) was fantastic. Grosse Pointe Theater usually has a good cast but for this production, they did an excellent job. I had seen the movie (one of them) and didn't think much of it. This production, however, was quite different and filled with laugh after laugh. Good singing and fine acting made the 2 and 1/2 hour play fly by. If you're anywhere near Detroit and haven't seen it...GO!

Back home to feed the 2 hungry kitties (it was almost 5:30 and their dinner time is 5:00 :-) ) and cook up some boneless pork chops with zucchini and onions accompanied by smashed spuds for the humans.

And here I am with the laptop on my lap.
Tags: food, gpt, kitties, plays

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