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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I went to a gathering of friends last night to celebrate the anniversary of our group's first coming together. This has become an annual event where members bring food and drink to share. It has always worked out fine... with enough choices, one never goes away hungry or disappointed (at least I haven't -- but then, maybe I'm not real fussy). In past, I've provided deviled eggs. I like deviled eggs, so why not? Well, I'll tell you why not. It has become a real pain in the ass to peel 3 or 4 dozen hard boiled eggs. How have chicken eggs changed in recent times? It doesn't seem like they were so hard to peel in the past. Maybe I'm just getting old, un-nimble fingered, or way too impatient. Whatever the reason, I decided to forget the deviled eggs this year and go with ham rolls, that is: slices of ham, spread with cream cheese, and rolled around a green onion. Then cut into slices off the roll and stabbed with a tooth pick. Might have taken the same amount of time to prepare but it was FAR less frustrating. Needless to say they (several dozen) were all scarfed up rather quickly at the gathering. Aaaand someone else brought deviled eggs. YAY!

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Sounds like a fun gathering - and it seems like the choice to switch things up worked in your favour afterall!

Sounds like a nice gathering :)

We've been meaning to make devilled eggs some time, we've never had them.


Yes, you should give them a try. Simple to make other than peeling the hard boiled eggs. :-)

And lucky for us, we'd only have to peel enough eggs for ourselves and Storm, it wouldn't be nearly as arduous!


Yes, even up to a half dozen isn't too bad. :-)

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