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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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a bleh day

Today was one of those days, not good or bad, just... bleh... one of those days. I woke up early so I fiddled with email for a while, hoping to find something interesting or demanding to use up the time before I had to leave for a meeting. Well, not much there.

I've gotten into doing some regular exercise each day, alternating days between aerobic and weight training. I remember reading somewhere, probably on the web, that if you are able to continue some new activity for X number of days, it would then become a new habit. I don't recall how many days are needed but it's been about three weeks and it doesn't quite feel like a habit yet. I still have to coach and prod myself into the routine. Once started, things move along OK. It's just the getting started part.

I'm into this new exercise regimen for two reasons. One, because my doctor said to. I have some heart problems. Two, because I really do want to feel better physically. That seems like two very good reasons. I think I'll be able to keep at it for that magical X number of days until it does become an ongoing habit. We'll see. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Back to the bleh day. After the rather unfulfilling email cleansing and the days exercise routine (today was the weight training), I fed the two cats, ate breakfast, and cleaned up the kitchen; first unloading then loading the dishwasher. By then it was time to leave for a meeting. We have had a taste of spring/summer here in Michigan, but Michigan is also known for wild and woolly shifts in weather. When I walked out the door in a light weight short sleeve shirt, since it was so warm yesterday, I was a bit shocked to find I needed a jacket.

Following the away from home activities, and back to the nest again, I was faced with an afternoon with no real plan... not even a fake plan. Of course there's always lunch to use up some of the mid-day. I spent some time continuing work on a new silver pendent but didn't have my heart in it so managed to quit before ruining the work already accomplished. This was about the time I decided to pick up my reader and get back to a story I've been trying to get interested in for several days. I finally gave up and cleared the story. Why keep trying to get involved in a tale which was first, not compelling and second, had been downloaded for free. So... yeah, whoosh went the etale and it was on to Netflix for me. Hah! I love Netflix, so much to watch, and no commercials. I admit it, I tend to binge on some of the series shows I missed when they were on TV. I don't binge on booze (anymore) but I don't feel too bad about vegging out on a Netflix binge from time to time.

So there you have it, bleh. Here I am typing away, probably to myself, but that's what journaling is all about, no? If you got this far, perhaps you had a more interesting day. I'd like to hear about it.

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Exercise is GOOD! I am grateful for developing the habit in my early 20's. I'm not a svelte person, but I sure am strong, lol.

Yup, I do believe that, but I have been and can be soooo lazy. :-) Can't go back to my 20s (or a whole bunch of other decades) but I can go on from here trying to develop better habits. Today marked off another morning I was willing and able to do my routine.

I remember reading somewhere, probably on the web, that if you are able to continue some new activity for X number of days, it would then become a new habit

I was just playing these very words over in my own mind a day or two ago!

I haven't been doing too stellar on the excrete program I had devised for myself. I need wood to chop and stack to truly get exercise. Some kind of physical chore... Alas, there's none such around.

Edited at 2015-05-15 01:40 am (UTC)

Great minds, huh? I know what you mean about exercise that produces some instant tangible results, like growing the wood pile. That kind is enjoyable to me but the repetitive curling, lifting, pushing, climbing... whatever, really does bore the hell out of me. I try forcing my mind to go to other places while doing the exercise reps but it keeps drifting back to, "37, 38, 39... whew, how many more to go?" I have to learn how to enjoy it in the same way as cutting and splitting fire wood. 'Cause while I may need to do that at the camp in MA, there's not even a fireplace here in MI. :-)

Your camp in MA would have been right near us... We lived in Northampton, and Tyler worked in Amherst and Greenfield, I worked in NoHo. It's a pretty area, but I am so pleased not to live amongst it's population anymore. The New England attitude just didn't jibe with either Tyler or myself.

Wow! We could have been neighbors (almost LOL). I haven't been there in almost 2 years. Had some health problems that kept me tied to doctors here for a while.

It is a very pretty area. Used to hit both Amherst and Greenfield on a regular basis. Was never there long enough to hook up with any close friends so can't say one way or the other on the population in general. Curious how you found your attitudes different than the New Englanders, at least in that area.

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