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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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some say "Canada Day"...

..around this house, we say "anniversary" - so, the up and coming C Day is a reminder to me "what're ya gonna give her this year" -- after a goodly number of years (30) it gets to be a challenge...

i knew i was going to make her a piece of jewelry, but until i started work today (why wait till the last minute) i was not clear in my mind what it would be

was tentatively thinking about some kind of necklace with 30 links -- but i would have had to make that in silver (and it just might take longer than the 2+ days i had left)

so, having saved some gold left over from the making of the wedding rings, and mulling things over with lots of coffee, i came up with this pendant and now have the leisure of locating an appropriate chain tomorrow, leaving sunday for appropriate wrapping..

just amazes me how sometimes, things work out right on schedule

do i work better under time constraints...hmmmm

and to all you lovely canadians, have a great CANADA DAY (i hope ya have the day off)

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..why, thank you so much

loses some detail being scanned in (why don't scanners have more depth of field :)

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