Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

notes from Motown

Been enjoying this reprieve from early onset Fall. Worked for 2 weeks on the cabin in MA--relocating the entry and closing in the front section by stair to basement/1st floor. Weather was quite cooperative the entire time. Speaking of weather it was great biking weather yesterday and I got in a nice long ride.
Bathroom remodeling here has been completed for a few weeks now--it came out quite nice.
We've thinking we might tackle the kitchen next--but that will be such a monumental project that means living with a construction zone for quite a while. Maybe next year :-).
Willow still doesn't drink water from the bowl by her food dish but has recently condescended to sipping from a jar lid left next to the kitchen sink--guess she thinks the water is fresher there--but her favorite water bowl is still the toilet...cats!!
Tags: cabin, daily stuff, redecorating

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