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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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ongoing projects update

--all the brazing is complete on the trike, working on seat now--the frame seems to be quite a good fit for me (i choose to not make anything adjustable)

--all materials on hand for reinforcing collar on kiln #3--time to start building the formwork

--garden's perking along--snowpeas make for great grazing--green tommy-toes about golf ball size--beans are covered with flowers as are the cukes--i definitely need to do some more tree topping--more sun, i need more sun!

--things i thought i get to today, but didn't: start new batch of yogurt, plant second crop of beans, take photos of recent jewelry work...the list could go on, but that's enough--they just slip on over to tomorrow :)

...and now on a completely different subject--ar finishes up summer session friday and wooshes back to france sat. morn :( --hard to believe how fast the month went and i only got up to new haven for one visit--but after working on an organic farm in the south of france for 2 months, she'll be back for grad school and hopefully there'll be more chances to hang out then--i miss her...

and on still an other subject: anyone wanna try to figgerout what's wrong with the html code on Pics Etc -- perhaps evil forces of the universe play with the code when i'm not looking--or maybe there's a bit lacking in my education :)

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your code is technically fine, but when i manually typed in the specified location of the pics (to see if i could view them away from the webpage), i got an error message... so it's that the pics don't apparently exist in the specified folder, not your codes themselves, that seems to be the problem.

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