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justice gets bought off again

The legal system works best for those willing and with enough money to fight. Sometimes it's best to just let it roll over you and go on with life. I was involved in a fender bender a few weeks ago on a road which is customarily driven as if 2 lanes in each direction (no-parking signs and no edge of road painted line). It is, however, as the officer explained: a one lane each direction road. I was driving in "the right lane" and the other driver in "the left lane", a car length ahead of me, slowed (no signal) and when I was abreast of her car, turned "into her driveway"...of course I was in the way as she attempted to push my car up her driveway. Her right front wheel drove into my left front wheel and fender (to the tune of $2000 + minus my $400 deductible). Don't you signal and look before turning across other traffic? And for someone who lives on that particular road, wouldn't you be especially aware of usual traffic patterns? Well, I got the ticket and she was allowed to proceed with her business, no ticket and no damage to her car. My ticket amounted to $110 fine and 3 points on my driving record...but if I were willing to accept blame, I could pay $165 with 0 points. What would you do? Hire a lawyer and protest? Not me either, I took out the checkbook and left $165 poorer with a clean record. What a fucking scam these small towns pull on the "non-residents". Fuck 'em all, the long, the short and the tall.

But I've accepted it and moved on. Life is good again. I'm happy and healthy and have Wendy to cheer me along. That's all, be good to each other.
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