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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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some random things to be thankful for today: Wendy, friends and family, health, spring, Willow (the cat who loves to be brushed and will on occasion deign to sit on my lap), a place to live and food to eat, no bill collectors beating down the door, my Harley and freedom, I feel good --
just saying...
oh! and here's a friend's 10 week old (also willing to occupy my lap)

how 'bout you?

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Nice to see a post from you! Hope you are well!

For me:
-my wonderful boyfriend
-my mother's surgery went smoothly, and she is feeling good
-my step family is being great about/with my mother
-my step father is a very devoted husband to my mother
-the weather is amazing


yup, things are good with me. Having some dental work done (mostly NOT covered by insurance -- implant) but other than that I can't complain. As the weather's been warming, I got the bike out a couple of weeks ago.
Good to hear things are fine with your mom and that you can enjoy the step family.
I should try to stay more connected here on LJ -- spending too much time on facebook. Are you there too?

Thanks for the good wishes. I am on Facebook, but I don't like it as much as LJ.

No one is feeling that great today, so I won't be visiting. I'm disappointed, but I will visit Mom tomorrow.

I'm hoping my tax refunds will be good enough to buy myself a mountain bike. Glad you are out riding! :)

Hey Ed,

You and Wendy still cohabitating? I haven't talk to in ages, although I see Splinter around nearly every day. Whassup? ^_^


hey Linda,
yes, Wendy and I are still together...sorta engaged to be engaged :)
and no, I haven't been spending much time on LJ, more often on facebook. We did some traveling this winter, FL and Aruba, so we escaped some of the snow here in MI. I bought a Harley the end of last summer, stored it in the garage over winter and just started riding again a couple of weeks ago, as the weather allows. Was 83 here 2 days ago and today the high is supposed to be 48. Ah, Michigan! So, what's new with you?

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