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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I thought it was time to reveal the new face, the furless face, naked face, face which has received a spring cleanup (see icon). And besides that I haven't posted anything here for a while (but I have checked on you all from time to time--Tam, I love the new video)
Between traveling to Reno and Wendell, as well as spending time here in Roseville, the summer is slipping right on by. Wendy wraps up her Reno project soon, so I'll be heading back there on July 1 (yay!). We'll probably be spending some time touristing and visiting before heading back home.
Got to spend time with both my kiddies on the 2 trips to MA--that's always a treat. Progress on the cabin is proceeding, albeit slowly--but what else is new? Next phase is relocating the entry and completing the stairs to the basement. Solar panels are still cranking out the free watts, and the well is still providing water.
The time away from here has unfortunately provided the weed population in the various flower/veggie beds ample time to party away. But little by little I'm regaining control.
Was nice to finally have a face to face with my friend Julia in Amherst when I was there. She's had a bit of the flu--hope you're back to speed by now, J.
Weather here in Mo Town area has finally hit the hot...and muggy...and hazy--AC has been chugging along for 2 days now. And if you were interested in the weather, let me add the farm report: pork bellies are down, corn futures are zooming, and there'll be a steer auction on the town green in a fortnight. Bring a picnic for the festivities following.
That is all, be good, be cool and be healthy (or some combination).

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WHO is that guy?! Someone hijacked your face!!

LOVE you--and counting the days til the 1st.

(Kristie says she didn't recognize you either...)

four more days! four more days!

lovely to see you again dear Ed! x

and you too, sweet mommy to be ;)

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