Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

up to my ass in alligators...

where the hell've i been the last couple of days?--when i have to ask myself that question, i know things have been hectic--do i sometimes let a few things pile up, then get all stressed for 20 hours a day trying to catch up? sure, doesn't everyone?--well, i'm never really caught up but today we drove to the beach for a day's r&r--soooo needed--if i can just hold onto that sound of the surf and the wind and the smells (and the bits of grit in the food) for a while, maybe things will mellow out for a while--maybe

also, a day or 3 ago, del highersoul asked about garden pix (do i go on about playing around in the dirt?) so here they are--for some unknown (to me) reason 2 of the pix are shy about displaying themselves, but if you're really interested you can find them at .../whse42/image name -- or maybe the prob solved itself -- in any event, i have no more time to spend on figgerin it out

in fact, it's only 11 but i'm heading off to bed
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