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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Philly trip

We got to Jenn's place in Philly around 4 PM after a 10+ hour trip. This is her row house:

On Friday we went to the Cezanne exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here's Wendy and I on the "Rocky" steps in front of the PMA:

And here we are relaxing after eating in the PMA dining room:

from the left: son Jeff, his GF Marie, Buster BF of, Jenn then Wendy and Me

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tha;nk you -- we're having loads of fun!

What wonderful pictures!!! I am soooo glad to see you and Wendy with your kids and that things are going so well. See ya real soon!

Thanks, yeah, we had a great time.

cool i like row houses...and the philly museum is so huge it's amazing! the seattle museum is so boring and small compared to philly! fun pics.

Row houses are cool, they bring the city down to a human scale and give a sense of community.
We went to the PMA primarily to see the special Cezanne exhibit and by the time we finished that, we didn't have time for much else. I used to live in south NJ so had been many times before, but it was Wendy's first visit. We can always go back :-)
Thanks for the comment, Shannon.
~ Ed

Cezanne is lovely.

i saw the dali exhibit there in philly and all the regular stuff they have...i love painters...

The special exhibit was titled 'Cezanne & Beyond' -- it was 'specially interesting in that it showed his work along with works by other artists inspired by his paintings.

sounds wonderful. i feel like some paintings look edible...like cake frosting or something. i get happy when i see paintings with lots of thick paint...

now I'm in the mood for eating some frosting (best part of the cake :-) -- umm some super rich butter cream frosting just slathered on...

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