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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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more w/c

recent watercolor with marker, pen and color pencil

I've also been back at the jewelry bench working on a new piece.

Annndd...enjoying the days above freezing, watching the snow/ice melt away :-).\

On a somewhat less savory note, I've been gathering bits and pieces of '08 financial records, getting ready for a Mar 12 tax appointment with the accountant. A rough going over seems to indicate a refund. This is good (as opposed to having to send more money) but bad in that, even by the IRSs own convoluted rules and regs, they've had a surplus of MY money to collect interest on throughout the year. Boo Hiss!

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i like your art!

Thanks Shannon, and you know the feeling's mutual.
These 'block print type' designs are kinda interesting.

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