Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

the day after

Well, there's still new years to look forward to. Christmas eve was fun, if subdued, we put on dinner here with some of Wendy's fam. Her sons arrived a bit late and soaking wet from changing a tire on the way...in the rain. Flat tire caused by elephant-trap sized pothole in the freeway. Ahh wonderful MI roadways, each trip is an adventure.

Today with some snow, sleet and freezing rain, the news guys are reporting even more trecherous than usual driving in and around the Motor City. Me? I'm staying tucked in the house. Although I did venture out to spread salt on the front porch and steps to hopefully melt some of the ice sheet when (if?) the temp rises a bit. Aaand I managed to accomplish this task without once falling on my ass. Yea me.

'sall for now,
Tags: daily stuff, roads, weather

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