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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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rumors of my death greatly exaggerated

The leaves are falling down and they sky is grey
The icy blast of winter can't be far away...

Yup...a good killing frost hit a while ago and did in the zinnias (tall brownish dead looking things in the background) the marigolds are also on their last legs. About all that remains is the golden mum in the center--hope it can survive a Michigan winter. Another couple of weeks and I'll go gather the seeds for next year. Time to tuck away the lawnmower and see if the snow blower is still in working shape. We actually had a few snow flurries this morning.

While the weather was somewhat warmer, Wendy and I went up to the Boyne Mt., Petoskey area in nothern MI--Wendy's already done some posting on that adventure (see: clemidia if you want to see some of the pics--here's one to whet your appetite if you're interested. It's us at the top of one of the ski lifts.

That's been about it for recent road trips. It was nice to get away for those few days, 'specially since the Fates smiled on us with good weather and colorful leaves.

I've been inordinately non-productive of recent times. Mostly reading and taking life easy and as it comes. I have done a bit more work on the model train layout, but not enough to make it worth posting about or even taking pictures of.

We just had a new roof installed, so we're all tucked in for the winter winds. Since starting this post, they've come and hauled away the dumpster with the old shingles. Yea, now we can get cars back in the driveway again.

Hmm, what else? We went to the Piston's opener at the Palace, couple of weeks ago. They did win, but it was a rather uninspired game. Got shunted all around Robin Hood's barn after the game--they really need to do something about improving traffic patterns after events there. What a zoo.

That's all for now, Ed.

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Aw! You're very sweet. :)

Glad to see you around!

thanks, nice to be back -- I've been pretty scarcified on the 'puter in recent times -- procrastination? just plain laziness? the conjuncture of 3 or more evil planets? or maybe it was some spoiled food I ate...

Nice to see you around these parts again! that pic is good and it certainly was taken before Wendy's unfortunate spill, eh? Is she happy to be home now after jury doody?

spills, chills and moon boots

thanks Christy--yup the pic was definitely before the unfortunate spill -- yup, she's quite glad the doody is over and oh what tales to tell -- perhaps she's filled you in already...

thats a really excellent picture. i would have that framed and somewhere around the house to see always. both kinds of scenery look great! ;)

glad to hear youve not passed. now i can stop payment on that check for flowers.

or you could send the flowers to a more appropriate receipient's survivors

glad you like the pic -- it was in fact taken about 6 hours before the great slip and fall -- although I don't think there was any connection -- butcha never know...

the camera stole her soul, and, thusly, the universe was done with her. so it threw her on the ground.

stupid universe.

that was my first and most dreaded thought, but the emergency room doc assured me that since there were no 'new' holes (well, except the knee abrasion) through which the soul could have been snatched by a camera, I need not worry -- and indeed, her soul seems to be intact

this doesn't, however, negate your observation that we do seem to be trapped in a stupid universe -- I've been on a rigorous search in recent years for a wormhole that will lead to a parallel universe...'course there would be no gaurentee that the new universe would be anymore enlightened -- but not to fear; having followed countless worms, I have not been lead to a connecting hole

Well I've missed you. Glad to see you're back!

it took me a while to remember how to turn the 'puter on, but I think I've got it now :)

My demise is only slightly exaggerated.

Good lookin' couple. Who are they?

Hey Pat
I don't know for sure -- I like to take random shots when I travel, then when I get home, try to figure out the significance of each -- provides hours of fun :)

cute photo of you two. gorgeous fall CoLoRs too

thanks, gotta love dem colors -- too bad they don't last a bit longer

oh, Ed...you two look great!

and, happy, happy holidays!!

thanks, Anaya, we are great...together ;)
and happy holidays to you too

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