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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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old times

Someone recently wrote to me reminding me of a different world--a world where great technology was a 'private and not party-line phone, B and W TV with more than 5 channels was outstanding, gas cost .25 or maybe .30 a gallon, an attendant pumped the gas AND cleaned your windshield--she went on for quite a while "remembering")

now! Of course I remember that and a whole lot more. I can recall being able to have bon-fires on the beach at night and nobody gave a shit. Playing baseball in the street without having to worry about some twit racing by just to harass us. Being left alone to play with friends (from maybe age 8 on) all damn day without parents having a snit 'cause we didn't check in every half hour or so. And air conditioning? That was something they had in 'some' high price stores. There was never any problem riding our bikes into town (Asbury Park NJ)--maybe 5 miles each way, just to hang out or go to a movie. But OTOH, I wouldn't be talking to you on a computer then ... we'd just be out on the stoop or in the yard or walking over to a friend's house . . . sigh -- and YES there was a whole lot more :) -- but we get used to things (cell phones, computers, 50" TVs, shopping malls where you can get lost just trying to find your way OUT! and yada, yada)

those of you who've seen 40 or 50 years come and go . . . share a bit of nostalgia with the rest of us

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Hey, have you heard of the LJ community fifty something and loving it?
You'd like it there!

What I miss is the sense of safety we had when we were kids, and the playing outside all day long thing. Kids don't do that anymore.

hell, I just turned 66! but the community does sound interesting -- guess I should check it out (as long as they don't have an age cut off ;) -- and I definitely hear you about the safety thing -- never thought twice (or had any trouble) thumbing home late from school (5 miles) -- in fact (during the 60s I used to hitch back and forth between NJ and UT)--would not advise that now days


but can't find the community -- got a link?

Here is a link: http://community.livejournal.com/fifty_something/profile

I think it is ok to be over 50something, lol.

and wasn't that great to go into the 5 and dime and as a kid, actually be able to buy something

The Peddler Man. We actually had a man come to the house with a pack on his back filled with material for sewing, household items, etc. I barely remember so we are talking probably 1960 - 64 or so when I was younger than 4.

All kinds of delivery folk. Milk, Ice Blocks, Bread immediately come to mind.

Good post.

of course Milk, Ice Blocks, Bread but we also had a veggie man whose 'truck' was a horse drawn cart -- this must have been late 40s

yeah, we also had a 'junk' man who came around to sell pots/pans etc but was also willing to give a price on things you wanted to dispose of

I do remember being told by our teacher, in the fourth or fifth grade I think, to not accept rides or candy from strangers. I guess there were some dangers, even back then. That was the mid 50's.

Edited at 2008-07-25 01:05 am (UTC)

or maybe she was just a paranoid old twit ;)

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