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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I’m LIVID! Absolutely livid with a next door neighbor and I HAVE to write about it to get it out of my system before it REALLY boils over. This is the GD neighbor who, on at least two separate occasions sprayed some type of weed killing poison on “his” side of a fence between his garage and our property line--an area maybe 2 to 3 feet wide. He sprayed even though I had veggies (tomatoes, peppers, cukes and squash growing on our side of the “lovely” chain link fence. He did this, apparently because he was too damn lazy to run through with a weed whacker or some similar device, every once in a while. I asked politely that he ‘please’ not use the poison right next to food we’d hoped to eat. He promised not to do it again and yet, maybe 2 months later (quite early . . .maybe 6:30 in the morning, he was spraying the shit again. I didn’t say anything at that time, just decided that in future years, I’d just move the veggies, which I’ve done, but there are still lovely (to me) flowers growing next to our side of the fence. Now, I’m not an ‘anti-chemical’ nut, but he has a weed whacker which he uses in other areas of his yard (along with a fuckin’ leaf blower and probably every other imaginable noise making tool on the market -- and ’of course’ uses them at as early as 7:00 in the morning. . . Right next to our bed room window! Well, the MAIN point of this rambling discourse is, this fucker (who, by the way, as some of you may recall, used some wild-assed weed killer on his front lawn--on 2 different years, killing all Gowrie things (grass included) so he had a “completely” brown mud yard for at least 2 different years, had the fucking brass balls to come knocking on our door at about 10:00 this morning, bitching and moaning that because I’d cut our grass this morning, I’d left ‘clippings’ “defiling his driveway and he was getting “tired” of my disregard of his drive and would I clean them? Now, get this, it’s hot and breezy here in the “Deetroit” suburbs today so, by the time he’d gotten home, all the clippings would have dried and blown away! AND, when I went to sweep and even use the hose to wash away all this debris, this fucker (who was right there . . . Supervising, I guess . . . Didn’t, not only say “thanks, I really appreciate your effort, didn’t even say “good morning or thanks or FUCKIN’ ANYTHING” -- just got in his damn car and drove away. Need I say that my mind is working on some vengeful plan? What the hell would you do? -- There, I feel much better and calmer already. Isn’t putting things down on paper (or 1s and 0s, as the case may be) just so relieving? Sweet Baby Jesus, Of course it is!!

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Long time no talkie.

What would I do? If it's allowed, I'd put up a privacy fence between myself and the "psycho" and I'd move the veggies and maybe even the flowers.

He sounds kinda scary to me.

FYI: D and I will be up in Athol Christmas week. Don't know if you still have the Wendell place and perhaps will be up there, but wanted to let you know.

Long time no talkie...

yeah, I know :( -- sorry just that some shit has sorta taken over my life lately -- more details another time

thanks for letting me know about your plans for Athol -- I usually don't hit the Wendell place much in winter with only an old Franklin stove for heat -- and of course, it usually needs attention around 3 in the AM -- brrrrr

Re: Long time no talkie...

No worries. I don't read my flist as much as I should, either. ;)

Ah. Right. I forgot about the no-heat thing. I just like to let my friends know when I'm visiting their area, so that we can make plans if people are around and able. :)

Take care, and good luck with that awful neighbor!

My parents have a chain link fence, around part of their pool. They bought some privacy slats, that slide into the openings... I wonder of those would work for you (for a little more protection) by your garden?

I would have told the neighbor to take a flying leap, if he did anything even remotely like yours did today. (Mine regularly uses noise-makers, and begins mowing at OMGWTF:00am...) If he couldn't be bothered to say good morning, or anything, I think I would have been sorely tempted to spray him with the hose.

I always find writing in my Lj, very soothing. I imagine (hope) that is why I do so much venting here. It's a wonder anyone reads my entries anymore, as they are mostly bitching or about sims.

spray him with the hose ...

...great minds must think alike -- the idea actually did occur to me :) -- would of course be accidental, as he stood watching me flush his drive -- hee hee -- telling him to take a flying fuck would have been stooping to his mental level and . . . why, I couldn't do that -- but the hose idea certainly had appeal ;)

thanks so much for your input -- bright and on point, as usual

talk with you later

what an ass. this would be about the time to invite lots and lot of friends over at inconvenient evening times (i.e. weekday) and throw many late night summer parties. make sure to tell your guest that laughing and drinking is encouraged.

what a fine idea Jenn -- and hell, it could even be fun :) -- I wouldn't, of course, encourage pissing across the fense but if someone had to go . . . :)

Re: party for an ass :)

...And grill something really smelly for dinner and make sure it makes lots of smoke. LOL! :P

Re: party for an ass :)

great! like maybe some old fish we've left out in the sun all day :)

Re: party for an ass :)

Yeah! And make it a curry! :P

I'm sorry you have a fucker for a neighbor. And to ask you to clean up clippings was petty. Wish I had a solution, but I bet you feel better getting that all out of your system.

yes, thanks, I do feel much better and I've been considering various 'nasty' responsive solutions :) -- I can be a real shit too :)

Hey, hi. I followed your link from a comment you left on a post I made in "fifty something" about how I hate living in an apartment.

I can relate to the neighbor/garden thing. Here's a post I made in my journal re: gardening here in Apartment Heaven (tm)

Ok if I friend you?

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