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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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new medium

so the weather finally cooperated (though it was a bit breezy, but I decided wtf)--
remember a couple of weeks (months?) ago when I bought those spray paint cans?
working in the basement, in the grand scheme of things, didn't seem like a good idea, so I waited till I could work outside -- today was the day!

so . . . it's different, interesting, has possibilities -- but will take some learning -- hopefully the learning curve has a rapidly increasing slope :)

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They're very nice, dreamy. :)

I really like the second to last one.

thanks -- I was trying for buildings in the foreground but they look more like weird plants :)

thanks, Lilianne ... dreamy? yeah I was thinking sort of other-worldly

you have some sweet dreams tonight -- and that's a direct order :)

wow, i love them the last two especially, very spacelike and lovely. :)

well, thanks a lot, Velvet--that's the order I did them in, so I guess the learning curve it going up ;)

(Deleted comment)
thanks, Mary Lynn, glad you liked 'em
I've been reading your posts but not commenting much, seems like a lot of bad stuff headed your way, glad your bro is OK, that's scary; then 'puter probs and friend/b-f probs, and doggy probs (that was so sad) and deciding about school and on and on ... well, take it one step at a time ... everything will sort itself out in due time


(Deleted comment)
those are so god damned brilliant.

you amaze me, man.

yay me, 60 watts, even :)
the incredible, edible egg ed
thanks, neffy, you do my heart good

These are very cool!

Have you seen that artists on the Embarcadero in San Francisco who does this painting method?

Great job!

no, not in SF -- but I've seen them elsewhere . . . NYC, Boston? -- can't remember where -- I was really hoping to be able to afford an airbrush rig for better control but, hey, you do what you can, huh? -- if only money weren't a deciding factor ... also need a wheel and kiln for when the clay mood strikes but, sigh -- and a lumber mill and 47 acres and a mule, yada, yada :)

You did these with spray paint? Wow. I REALLY like these. I know the top two were first and the last two were, of course, last but I myself like the first two best. Although I could see using the last one in a sci fi story I am writing the first two just seem so much more real. I always wanted to grow up and see Star Trek really exist. :

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