Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

model RR update

I've been working on the mountain end of the model train layout, this pic shows a perspective view of the rough framing for the mountain with tunnel portals and cuts

for an aerial view and a close up of one of the portals,

this is looking down for a plan view of the area

and here's a close up of one of the portals with some track and an engine temporarily placed for scale

other than this 'escapist' project, I've been working out in the yard, getting ready for some annual and veggie planting, cutting grass and enjoying the sun

today was also repair some loose rain guttering day -- been putting this off for some time (waiting for good weather :) -- was quite nice today, so there was no excuse and better to refasten before more damage occurred . . . like an entire section tumbling down
Tags: house, models, trains

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