Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

happy friday

the sun's struggling to come out--rained last night so the grass is working it's way toward a second coming cutting -- snow shovel is still by the back door--time to put it away in the garage? hmmm

lil Amie was over the other day and found a seed pod (from one of thos 'bean pod' trees--I don't know what the hell they're called) in the yard--must have been dropped last year after our trip to the safari park -- anyway, she wanted to plant the seeds . . . so we did, in a pot -- and that was so much fun :), we continued and planted some marigold seeds in another pot -- OH! we're so green :)

Wendy and I are heading out later to meet Marsha (a Wendy friend from the old days) for lunch or, depending on when we get going, an early dinner -- should be a hoot

the model train project continues at a rather slow but steady pace -- went out and dropped some money at the model store yesterday -- this pic shows the basic box frame for building the layout (along with a steam locomotive and tender on a hunk of track for scale) -- the project is designed to sit on a table top (as it's shown), but legs could be added at a later time if I were so inclined

Tags: construction, models, trains, wood details

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