Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

new project

perhaps I'm turning into a mole -- here we are on the brink of spring with the weather tempting us to spend time outside soaking up vitamin D and I undertake a project to be worked on in the basement -- well, actually I won't be spending all my time in the dark recesses underground with artificial light and only a couple of small windows -- it'll just be a 'time filler' when I don't know what else to do with myself and I'm too lazy to start anything really productive :) -- the new project is a model railroad layout -- it's been lurking in the back of my mind for some months, now -- as a kid I had a fairly extensive train layout but as I grew, I left behind the things of childhood and followed other pursuits -- when my son got to the age of interest in models, we began another model train layout (this time in N-scale as opposed the old Lionel .027 gauge I had as a kid) -- but alas, interest waned as he moved into video games and other more 'up to date' pastimes -- so now I'm starting a 3rd time -- my first thought was to work in the teeny-tiny Z-scale but materials for this scale aren't readily available in the states so it's back to N-scale -- here's what's happened so far, the pieces cut for a 3' x 5' box which will be the base on which to create the landscape --

more pics to come as the work progresses -- but now (before the rain starts) I have to go outside and catch up on some more yard work --
Tags: models, project, trains

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