Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

the tax man

it's that day again -- grabbing all the scraps of paper and heading off to the accountant to go through the annual ritual of tax preparation -- but, even though I know I'll end up owing money again, it is a sunny day here -- and what the hell, it is only money -- the worst part is the money going to a government who's policies often put my shorts in a very tight knot -- maybe I should get larger shorts or perhaps just not wear any

on another note, the cookies are almost gone :(

as I was staring out the kitchen window while rinsing some dishes this morning, I noticed (again) the large amount of left over last fall's garden debris -- even though it's sunny and calm, it still hasn't reached the temp where I feel like puttering in the garden ... and it's April! this must be Michigan
Tags: garden, taxes

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