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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the tax man

it's that day again -- grabbing all the scraps of paper and heading off to the accountant to go through the annual ritual of tax preparation -- but, even though I know I'll end up owing money again, it is a sunny day here -- and what the hell, it is only money -- the worst part is the money going to a government who's policies often put my shorts in a very tight knot -- maybe I should get larger shorts or perhaps just not wear any

on another note, the cookies are almost gone :(

as I was staring out the kitchen window while rinsing some dishes this morning, I noticed (again) the large amount of left over last fall's garden debris -- even though it's sunny and calm, it still hasn't reached the temp where I feel like puttering in the garden ... and it's April! this must be Michigan
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I made cookies and they are almost gone as well. Good thing I went for a nice long walk so I don't have to buy bigger shorts.

yeah, I remember walking :)
have to get back into that now that the horrible winter seems to be abating

You might need to remind Mother Nature that spring is here. Last week was my week of snow and more snow which cut into the walking.

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