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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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I'd been thinking about it for days...
so last night I baked up about 4 dozen oatmeal-raisin-chopped walnut cookies--somehow...they seem to be about half gone already--hmmm
last time around I tried substituting veggie oil for half the butter--not so good--they came out hard, like commercial cheap cookies--so this time, back to all butter...ummm, nice and chewy, but the evidence indicates they disappear much faster
now speaking of butter: leafing through a This Week news mag, I came upon a recipe (claimed to be 'the worlds best'--but don't they all?) for the 'true' pound cake...a pound of this, a pound of that, yada, yada--one of the ingredients, of course, is butter--a pound of butter--can'tcha just taste it now? fuckdem arteries, lookout cholesterol, here I come--I tore out the recipe, may try it someday :)

butter has sooo many good qualities--I can just smell onions sauteeing in butter, or taste a big glob of butter on a 'not too hot' (so the glob stays biteable) bagel or muffin, or...well, you get the idea

can you imagine this picture: little OCD Fidor carrying to the hut a recently filled goat bladder full of cream skimmed from the fresh milk (probably goat or yak, maybe even camel? yuk) and here's this little guy just jumping and gyrating bouncing and swinging the bladder, which of course has some air trapped inside as well as the cream, maybe even tapping out a rhythm with his hand or a stick, and he gets to the hut and mama says "Fidor! what the fuck are you doing with my cream I sent you for 2 hours ago?" and Fidor, being the OCD guy that he is, reluctantly hands over the bladder after giving with a few extra beats that his flapping hand just has to add--then mama, trying to pour the 'cream' into a bowl, has to squeeze this now solidified mass out like some future mama squeezing toothpaste onto a brush--and not wanting to just throw it away, mama take a scoop with her finger and places it in her mouth--a grin ensues and Fidor knows the trauma is over and he's back in mama's good graces--not much of a leap from there to fried onions, yummy cakes and cookies, is it?

it's not quite lunch time...but maybe another cookie (or 2) to hold me over...and some coffee...yeah! catch you later


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Nothing better than butter. Now I want some cookies though.

I'd gladly share, Dana -- but it's just too far to drive for a cookie or 2, huh? and of course by the time you got here, they'd be all gone :)

Somehow, I'm not sure the cookies would last long enough to make it to the post office. :)
That's OK because I have plenty of butter to make cookies today. And that sounds like a great plan today.

Ahhhh...so 'that's why you've got baking on the brain!

yeah, I think I suffer from one mindedness -- and that's why I'm still sufffin' cookies in my mouth

As I have been baking, I have learned that butter IS necessary if you want your stuff to taste good. If you just want sweets around, to have them, then use applesauce or go vegan. But I bake for HIGH HIGH standards. Therefore, I use butter and try to bake less :)

yeah, I've used that in breads (banana, etc) but you're right, for that real artery clogging goodness, ya just can't beat butter ;)

I love oatmeal cookies. I used to bake cookies for the kids all the time-with real butter. (of course my cholesterol went up because some of those cookies went to me). Yum.

some of those cookies went to me

heh! I think most of the cookies go to me :)

Waxing poetic on butter.

OK, I've heard it all this week--and the week has just begun.


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