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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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daily stuff

Had a visit from my son and his g/f last week - Thurs night thru Sun night --
good times had by all - they have a friend at the U of Michigan whom we met Saturday
at the DIA for some more rooting around in the arts -- got some pix in the Diego Rivera mural gallery - have a closeup of the 'evil boss' (reminds me of the boss in the Dilbert comic strip) which I plan on turning into an LJ icon -- following this, we had dinner at a restaurant on Woodward Ave -- the name slips my mind now, but it's not a place I'll be returning to very soon - I had what was billed as 'herbed free range chicken' - there must not have been a very good water source on this chicken's range, I think it must have expired from dehydration, driest chicken I've ever eaten - perhaps it was raised in the desert? -- anyway, the company was good

Is spring coming soon? I'm getting a bit tired of the sub freezing temps here -- and ants, yes, the ants are back again - where the hell do they come from - obviously they didn't come in from outside - they'd be frozen, right? could they have been sent down from the mother ship? is it an alien ant invasion -- anyway, they seem to be multiplying, from just a few in the kitchen, to ants popping up everywhere, living room, bed room, den, bathroom - but the worst are in the kitchen - every morning now they're clambering all around the cat's food dish, the sink, the dish washer - here, there and everywhere - damn ants!! I start my days now by gathering up ants with a tissue, squishing the lil bastards, or flushing em down the sink drain then running the disposal - I even seem to be enjoying hearing what I imagine are their little bodies crunching up in the garbage disposal - are they turning me into an evil person? I don't think so - but, again, ants belong outside not inside the house -- we've set ant traps around and about but it seems their numbers just keep growing - damn the little buggers! well, enough about ants...

Other than that, I'm back working on the 'Chance Encounters' dream sequences. Did I post the first section? Maybe not. It's an outgrowth of an 'assignment' from my therapist to keep a log of dreams I have - you know, jot down a few words about the dreams as soon as I wake up so I don't forget them -- yeah, sure, how much fun is that in the middle of the night? Then we talk about one or more of them at the next session. So last time, no, 2 times ago, she thought it would be fun to 'embellish' the dream ideas, sort of turn them into a free association short story thingy. So I did and she thought it was worth pursuing some more, and ... I am ...

That's all for now, bye

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I think if aliens were to come to earth, it could be reasonably expected that they would send probes and rovers LONG before they showed up in their flying saucers and started abducting people and doing all that stereotypical alien stuff. I mean... we send rovers to places as close as the moon and Mars. If you were an advanced species capable of traveling light years to visit other planets, wouldn't you want to know what you were getting into?

I mention this because I think sophisticated insect-like rovers would be a far more effective method of exploration than flying around in search of anuses to probe. I think we will be seeing alien ants and alien flies long before that whole "We come in peace -- take me to your leader" scene happens. Just a thought.

How are you, anyway?

yup, hell, if even 'we' in our relatively unsophisticated state of development are working with nanobots, then, I think your take on things has a lot of merit

all's well here--been puttering with the usual indoor winter activities: redecorating, wood work, drawing, printmaking, yada yada--anxiously awaiting the change of seasons; had enough cold and snow for a while

how's by you, Jett? keeping busy with the band I guess

Yeah, the band, work... all that stuff. Things are pretty good over on my end of things. :)

ants! don't mention them near me - we had a problem with out broadband connection recently could not figure it out at all...our phone line has this little connector thingy for it in the kitchen anyhow daughter noticed ants coming in and out of it. They'd been nesting inside the connector, full of ant eggs, no wonder we couldn't get online. teeeeee heeeee

The Diego Rivera gallery sounds pretty good. Love to see the pics when you can.

yeah, ants, what a bother -- every year we get plagued -- found them in a hollow core door 2 years ago and replaced that -- can't figure where they're coming from now but obviously ant traps haven't worked -- and it doesn't matter how many we squish, there's always more

Ants. Boy I hear ya. I have been told, and REALLY want to believe, that if you have ants you won't have any cockroaches. Seems they don't like each other. My husband says if we have to have one or the other he would rather go with roaches as you almost never see them. I don't agree at all. This year we are putting down cornmeal. The ants are suppose to eat it and take to their nest and die. So if they are coming down from the mother ship (like the tribbles on star trek when spock beamed them over to the klingons) does that mean space is loaded with ants and the mother ship is trying to get rid of them? Kinda like seeing earth as a ant trash can for the aliens? What twisted ideas one has when one has nothing to watch on tv.

TV has become (perhaps always was...but not like now) a tremendous wasteland -- kinda like a landfill for all the shit that can come pouring out of some idiot's mind -- like I've said before, even the news is just some new form of 'entertainment' now -- I've been getting more 'back in touch' with music and staying away from the TV (unless there's a good movie on ;)

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