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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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yes it's Saturday here in MI
still trying to get things organized--an ongoing and probably hopeless task
snowed about 3-4 inches Thurs night (not the 10" predicted) and the temp's been hovering around freezing -- got to fire up the snow blower for...what? the second time this winter, but no real complaints about that
not much excitement in the life lately -- though Amie (Wendy's grand-niece came to visit last night -- always some fun there
doing some more work on mixed media projects but nothing finished yet
in the midst of reading Taylor Caldwell's Dynasty of Death (1938) -- lot of flowery descriptions (was it just the period or is that her style?--don't recall reading anything else of hers to compare) but I keep on reading 'cause sometimes you just have to find out what happens :)
Jeff's coming with his gf for a visit next Thursday...that reminds me, I should give him a call and get the final flight info
in other news, it's time for some lunch

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thank you, thank you :)
it's only been a day and already I forget what I had -- probably yogurt and a cheese 'sammich' or something equally as 'grab and go'

planning on going to the Piston's B-ball game at the Palace today and combining that with a nice 'sit down' dinner at their elegant resturant

I've never read Caldwell, have to look out for her. I recently read Somerset Maughaum The Razor's Edge set around the same period, quite flowery also, and I had to read through till the end.

yeah, we get hooked sometimes :) -- but I've found myself skipping over some of the 'what she's wearing' and 'what he observed of the landscape' -- is that cheating? ;) -- the book was written in the late 1930s but the story period runs from early 1800s to early 1900s and deals with the good and bad of industrial growth -- it's not hard to figure the author's bias (Ayn Rand she's not)

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