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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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a snowy day

between shoveling some snow (which I must repeat since it's snowing again--unpredicted) and doing other odds and ends around the house, I finished this piece:

mixed media: water-base printing ink applied with brayer, Pilot Precise drawing pen, Prismacolor pencil

that's all for now ;)

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THAT...is fucking brilliant.

i would put that on my wall. fer sher.

on the wall...that's a good idea :) -- actually, it's still in the scanner...doyathink the printing ink will goosh up and stick to the glass? a science experiment ;)

thanks very much :)
I always enjoy your photos but think I've run out of superlative adjectives :) so wind up not commenting nearly enough

ED! that is beautiful!! i love it!

Awww, Tam, thank you very much -- mechanical can be interesting sometimes, no? Got inspired looking at some Klee prints at the Detroit Institute of Arts a couple of weeks ago...and so...

klee is aweseom eh ed! did you print parts of your one? is the background printed/ etched?

the background colors were rolled onto a square of chipboard with a brayer, using water base block printing ink, overlapping and smooshing the colors together--the image was then transferred to damp W/C paper -- so in a sense, I guess you could say the background was printed, albeit a mono-print :)

I like that. It's a good thing to see today. Especially the bird checking out all the very organized chaos. Oh to be round in a pointy world.

cool you zeroed in on the birdy checking things out
round in a pointy world? not good if you're a balloon, huh?
also strange to be 2 dimensional in a 3 (or 2 and 3) dimensional world, too -- read a book along those lines (lines, ha!) some years ago...think it was called Flatlanders

I was way into A Wrinkle in Time (and all the other books in that series) when I was a kiddo. My parents really must've wanted weird kids. If you haven't read those books you should really check them out.

A Wrinkle in Time sounds familiar but the Googling synopsis doesn't sound familiar...so, guess I'm thinking of something else -- did a lot of SF reading in my misspent youth but Flatlanders, curiously enough, was introduced to me by a prof in a graduate math class -- so ya never know where a good idea might politely present itself :)

I know what you mean about running out of superlative adjectives - but that is wonderful....I saw the Klee influence immediately. xxxxx

thanks, Velvet -- some of Klee's work is just so fun to look at

the idea behind this piece was man's construction/de-construction over nature...and the lil bird just keeps watch ;)

I love the bird on top especially
Nice colors, Ed... I like it!

We just got lots of snow here last night!

and, did you find the photos of me and Tam in San Francisco in my journal?

ahh snow -- we're due for another couple of inches tonight

I did see you in your red boots dancing along :)

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