Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..the world seems a dreary place this AM--had lotsa trouble getting to sleep last night--thrashing about, half-in-half-out of sleep--strange short dream episodes: disaster scenes, large "flying boxcar" type planes flying over, one crashing at the end of my street, half the block up in flames, i couldn't believe it had happened and as i walked out in the road to see, there were no other people around, spookey!--in the dream, i convinced myself i was just dreaming and went back in the house and back to sleep--now i feel...i dunno, out of reality somehow--i just finished plowing through the newspaper and asking myself if i really know anymore than i did before--my belief in the accuracy of news reporting keeps sinking lower and lower--it's like reading a history book that i know is merely one slant on what "might or might not" have happened--reading the front page from day to day is like a quick spin of the radio dial catching mere snippits of what's occurring on one disconnected station (or front page) after another--is wednesday's front page really reporting on the same world as last friday's?--it's getting more and more difficult to make sense of the world--is there some contagious madness spreading--is ashcroft counting my keystrokes at this very moment? hey john, what's up?
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