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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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BOO (again)

in honor of Halloween, this is how I went to my doctor's appointment today :)

for some reason, the staff was not in costume --
harrumph! glad I didn't go to any real effort

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That's hilarious! Wish I had a doctor's appointment to go to today so I could dress up. :)

hehe, yeah! that's what they get for giving me an appointment on halloween

You really shouldn't wear those....you have no idea where they've been.

(or maybe you do :)

hey Pat! well, actually these were a brand-spanking' new pair, right from the package, unadulterated by previous wearings :)

thanks :)
we gets our jollies where we can...
when the receptionist made the appointment for me, I commented that it would be halloween and we should come in costume; said I would, but I guess she didn't believe me (or feared the doctor :) -- anyway, it was a pretty minimal costume

:) If I wore that to my doctor's appointment he'd probably lock me up and throw away the key :P

heehee...might have crossed his mind but he probably didn't want to impose me on any of the other inmates ;)

Were there any comments? What kind of reaction did you get?

well, the office manager (doc's wife) looked like she didn't recognize me at first, then sorta smiled (for her, this is a big deal, she's usually very poker faced--all business)--the doc just glanced and said nothing--the receptionist smiled and said I was the only patient to come 'in costume'--the nurse seemed to get the biggest kick out of it--as a whole, it's a very sedate office but it probably gave them something to talk about after I left (maybe: 'next time we should recommend counseling' :)

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