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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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that cat, that damned cat...

..she's smart and getting smarter -- doesn't have a beggar's cup but definitely has the pose, when anyone goes to the kitchen she comes flying right up and flops down in her poor kitty pose (sorta like a road kill) with the look that says "woe is me, I'm starving, give me a treat"

OK, that's cute and a lot of the time we can be brave and ignore her pleadings -- not always of course, she sometimes wins out -- and this is how it all started -- being a cat with a sharp eye, she noticed where the kitty treats were stored (on top of the fridge), so she learned a path to the treats--jump up onto the stove, then to the fridge

she pretty much has her run of the house, furniture, window sills, basement (who knows what she does down there) but there are some 'no kitty areas', like the dining table, and the top of the fridge

'course "no kitty" just means another challenge -- so, sometime this morning, she snagged a new bag of treats from top-o-the-fridge, then, apparently wanting to go about her business in private, carted the bag into the basement -- when discovered, she had managed to tear open the bag (using just teeth and hind claws) and was proceeding to pig out on the contents

we need a more secure hiding place for the treats...

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I ended up having to put all the kitty treats in a cabinent or in a jar because Bella had the same addiction. Whenever you couldn't find the treat bag, you would know that somewhere it was ripped open and devoured. She's not a fan of the Greenies kitty treats though.

I like the icon :)

yeah, we've moved things behind cabinet doors now -- out of cat reach... we think

At least until Willow realizes that the cabinet door is no longer an obstacle.

and that's no joke!

she already jumps at door handles--we have to keep the screen doors locked--and round knobs are just to much for her underdeveloped 'posable thumb :)

My cat is a treat hog too. She ASKS for hers. It sounds suspiciously like "NOW" when I offer the bag.


yep...funny how they seem to develop a vocabulary :)

Since I've had the two new kittens here, Bella and Einstein, all three of them have been treat hogs as well. It's like there's power in numbers among them now because they do not care WHAT they have to do to get the treats, they will do it. I had them in a cabinet, they chewed through the many rubberbands holding it shut. So I put them inside a rubbermaid container and they opened it, I tried again with a rock on top, they CHEWED THROUGH THE PLASTIC one day when I wasn't home.

I finally figured out that the kitchen just wasn't the spot for them so I moved all the treats inside a smaller container, put that in a dresser drawer that I can't even open easily and that's solved it though I often find them in there trying to chew on the metal handle and making horrible faces.

However, since those treats are not unavailable, they've taken to people food. I had to get a lock for the pantry door because they've opened a package of noodles, saltine crackers, pretzels, peppermints(which they put in their water bowl and splash around and then pull the empty plastic out to play with once the peppermint has dissolved), and went so far as to open my snack size boxes of raisins and hit the boxes around the kitchen.

Smeagol can open doors, the others are not tall enough yet, and he can also unlock the garage door so I had to install another lock way up high.

You would think looking in our house that we're paranoid about our stuff being taken by people, but it's just the cats.

will it get that bad?
we seem to have a lot of interesting events to look forward to

3 cats? not afraid of becoming 'the crazy cat lady' are you? ;)
things to watch for: - carrying schtuff around in shopping bags
- developing a shuffling gait (in 'sensible' shoes)
- wearing calf length flower print skirts/dresses
- noticing cat fur on all your clothes
- developing a definite nonchalance about the fur
- I'll probably think of more ;)

Good grief! That sounds like me! All but the floral skirts, of course.

Don't forget:

- talking to cats as though they are people.
- making up theme songs for each cat.
- worry over feeding the cats more than feeding yourself...
- sleep in terribly uncomfortable positions to allow room for cats on the bed.

I could go on!

uh oh, now I'm starting to worry about myself: talking to cats as though they are people...um hmm -- and being a ventriloquist so you can make the cat respond...whoops

I think I probably already am a crazy cat lady from that list then....AWESOME!

hahahah Sheilah the crazy cat lady...have you ever knitted them little sweaters from your spinnings? as if they'd actually wear them :)

Aww she sounds so cute!

do you have a pic?

Gasp. She's gorgeous! Hi Ed))

she's sort of a Detroit alley cat -- well, not quite, but she could be -- her mom was saved by a glass artist who keeps a studio in an old factory building in Detroit -- the artist saved the mom from the streets and let her live in the studio -- apparently the mom was pregnant when the friend found her or a tomcat found his way into the studio and 'ta-da' a short while later: kitties :)

I love cats, the're so clever and interesting... always getting into things...lol

yeah, Doug, they are that -- she knew enough to carry the treat bag down to the basement where she thought we wouldn't find her -- evil kitty!

We need to make her a cat burglar poster! Does she have an eye mask? Next time hope you get a pic to show of us of the 'stolen goods with culprit'. Fingerprintt her Ed!

..wouldn't that be a hoot!
and yeah, maybe a mask for halloween :)

get a pic of her in the act: now there's a real task...she's so quick

Any excuse to talk about my cat

Saphron demolished a bag of treats, roughly his size, when he was about 7 weeks old. Since then, they are always kept somewhere that requires thumbs to access.

It's gotten to the point where we have sort of ritualized his treats. He gets 3 tartar control treats (greenies) once a day, usually around 4. He reminds us, politely. He sits in front of the pantry door (need thumbs because it latches and opens outward!) and when we approach he moves to the rug and waits. He'll occasionally try to play each member of the household for treats so we have to ask each other if he's been treated yet. Sometimes we give him a couple extra since technically he could handle up to 6 a day. I mean, he weighs 15lbs and change now!

But yeah, if we left a bag just sitting around he might eventually demolish it but, probably not. He pooped funny for like a week after he did that as a kitten and he's very meticulous about his toilet habits and rituals. Plus, if he has tummy problems for more than 2 days he goes to the vet.

Also! A good way to keep cats away from an area is to put a couple ammonia soaked cotton balls there. Cats don't like the smell and will eventually give up that area all together.

cats can be very persistent critters, Willow's still climbing up on the fridge, hoping to find more treats--silly cat

hmmm ammonia soaked cotton balls--so "you too can have a kitchen that smells like a doctors office" eeeeooooooo :)

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