Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

.."hot days" schedule and theory of ALAB & LOB

..on the 3H days of summer (even if it is only the 18th of june) it is always a good idea to get outside work accomplished before 10am -- doesn't always happen that way, which is everybit of OK (how could one expect to get "everything" done "today") -- in fact, i'm slowly coming to a theory of "always leave a bit" -- that way, on some future day (especially if it's a downer-day) it's possible to do just that little left-over-bit and generate a grand feeling of real accomplishment (thus flipping your down day to a glorious up day) with but a slight expenditure, and then move on to new projects feeling refreshed and energized

(note: this is, of course, an unproven theory and should not to be seen as an excuse to never finish anything :)

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