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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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Keybd Gnome

library book sale

library book sales are just sooo cool -- all these books for $3.25

should keep me in reading stuff for a while

on the agenda for this afternoon: Dally in the Alley -- another Deetroit arts fest

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I love getting books at insanely low prices. I get a lot of my fiction reading from garage sales these days and I've got TONS of books to read. Yay :)

yay, indeed :) -- always nice to have a collection of "new" reads on hand

our library does that regularly too...5 books for a $1. Though seems insane to me, why does a library get rid of good books...
Lucky for you though, some good scores there.

when a new book comes out, they often get multiple copies and then after the traffic dies down, I guess they weed some out to open up shelf space -- also many of the books at the sale are donations from patrons

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