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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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raaainy day...

..good day to play at the jewelry bench

finished project of the day sterling silver ring

fabricated from s/s sheet and wire -- cut and silver soldered in 2 stages, central shape added and textured with chisel punch, then wire edge added -- formed and silver soldered into band -- planished to round, cleaned up with fine sandpaper and polished -- ta-da!

I'm not going out to play in the rain so I guess lunch is on the schedule next

then...I dunno...read, draw, laundry ?? wander around LJ? continue work on the current miniature door piece? maybe nap, perchance to dream?

like I said, I dunno -- but definitely lunch first

catch ya later, Ed

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Great work. I have not tried metalwork. Don't know if I ever will, but I try never to say never.

I'm rather frustrated, because I can't find my beading stuff. I had a LOT, too! :S

..now if I were beading supplies and tools, where would I hide? probably in a tool box or even a cardboard box...then I'd make sure I was all snuggled in beneath other boxes, blankets, shoes and maybe an old peanut butter sammich somewhere deep down in a closet...

thanks for the comment, Jen -- you should give metal work a try -- could tie it in with your beading

Re: beading stuff...

Thanks. I have one box left, and I'm wagering it's in that box. If not, then my ex's sister has it, who knows WHAT she would have done with it, and I wouldn't want to contact her to get it back anyhow. ;)

I might have left it at A's, too--the friend I used to do crafting with. That would suck almost as much. :S

Nice ring!

Rainy days are so conducive to goofing off! I have done little productive stuff today, going to work in an hour for all of 3 hours. Woo.

Goofing off-my favorite thing!

what's goofing off to one person is creative endeavor to another :)

hope work was worthwhile and that you were able to help some folks work through their life struggles...

Nice ring for a mornings work! You have reminded me to eat lunch. Thanks!!!


isn't it nice to sometimes forget lunch -- means you're just so involved :)

thank you, thank you

I haven't been doing much metal work lately -- I must mend my ways

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