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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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a walk in the yard


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Very nice you stuck one of yourself in there! The rarest flower ever! Hehe.

thanks -- oh yeah, rare all right :)

Nice! Nice! and Nice!

I love the bright contrasting colors!

Ohh, look! I see you peeking around a flower!

Nice blue eyes. Nice flowers, too.

thanks, Ellen
the strong sunlight and shadows really pops out the lines in m'face, kinda makes me look a thousand years old, but then I got to thinking 'hell, I am almost a thousand years old' ... so what ;)

Lovely! nice to see you too! I've been a bit awol. Hope you have been well. xxx

thanks and yes, things seem to be going pretty well lately

I know about that awol-itis, I suffer from it myself from time to time :)

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