Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

seems to be one of those hot and humid days which we've been missing out on lately

did some grocery shopping this morning - yay for having food in the house again

watered the flowers earlier after spreading more mulch yesterday -- the ugly strip where 'weedman' sprayed next to the fence, doing in my plants as well as his weeds is starting to make a come back after replanting some marigolds and zinnias -- the grass, of course is turning a mellow shade of yellow/brown -- why hasn't it rained 'round here? guess it's just the summer dry spell -- not so into a lush green lawn that I'm willing to spend big bucks on watering the grass -- it'll come back in the Fall...maybe -- least I don't have to mow very often :)

we're off on some afternoon errands, including a trip to the miniature shop/doll hospital or something like that -- but first some lunch

catch ya later


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