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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

seems to be one of those hot and humid days which we've been missing out on lately

did some grocery shopping this morning - yay for having food in the house again

watered the flowers earlier after spreading more mulch yesterday -- the ugly strip where 'weedman' sprayed next to the fence, doing in my plants as well as his weeds is starting to make a come back after replanting some marigolds and zinnias -- the grass, of course is turning a mellow shade of yellow/brown -- why hasn't it rained 'round here? guess it's just the summer dry spell -- not so into a lush green lawn that I'm willing to spend big bucks on watering the grass -- it'll come back in the Fall...maybe -- least I don't have to mow very often :)

we're off on some afternoon errands, including a trip to the miniature shop/doll hospital or something like that -- but first some lunch

catch ya later


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Missing out on the hot and humid weather-to me that's a good thing.
I get sluggish/cranky when it is like this.
And I sweat. Ugh.

food in the house is good!

hot and humid weather...

..hell fire and brimstone or not, I think of hell as really hot and humid

and if it weren't for the humidity, sweating would be worthwhile, evaporative cooling and all but I'm with you, sweating in the humidity is just plain nasty--drips and dribbles of salty goop slucing down my face and neck and back, arms, chest, legs and collecting in various nooks and crannies like some slimey swamp water--no thanks :)

If I may trouble you, I have a botanical question. I had a decorative pear tree in my front yard cut down recently because it was chewing up my sewer line. There are now persistent sprouts of pear tree spawn tracing the length of the buried roots. I have been advised to just mow them down and they will eventually give up. I have been told to brush them with weed killer.
My question is can you give me some practical advice to get rid of these opportunistic and infuriating tree sprouts? I love trees, I do. I also love my indoor plumbing. Can you advise me?

I found something for ya.... Killing tree Stumps and sprouts

Chemical - Tree Stump Remover

*Waves to Ed* ^_^

Hi Linda, yeah, I thought of that possibility too but don't know how it would work with suckers sprouting up all over the place...

Hey Ed,

Yeah, apparently there's no easy answer as mentioned in the link I provided to your friend, all you can really do is keep trying different killing methods.

My Dad just moved to Washington, and with urban sprawl, they have to clear-cut the forest to create new land for inhabitable lots, burn the left over and let the land sit for a while and do it again, this seems to be the most effective method. I think they probably turn over the soil once or twice between burnings to keep things from sprouting again.

don't really have any good advice there, Laura--mowing sounds the easiest but it also sounds like your pear tree has quite a will to live--I've heard somewhere about a fungus(?) you can apply to stumps to hasten their decomposition, but I dunno...can't quite see either of us with the patience to go about the yard brushing some mystery 'fungoidal solution' on every sucker that pops up...tedious, tedious

I think a governmental solution might be to just 'bomb the shit' out of your yard, pull out every vestige of anything lifelike, bring in a new load of topsoil and replant some nice new democratic seed :)

i need to go grocery shopping! but it was pouring rain today when i left work, so i didnt want wet groceries. i'll have to go tomorrow....

I think the fruits and veggies had lost half their weight through evaporation by the time I got 'em home (and it's a short ride!)

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