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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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playing with the macro

trying out the macro on the Samsung NV10
before heading up to the street fair in Mt Clemens



red salvia



it's the first year for this fair but 'sposed to be replete with 'name brand' music performances, crafts, muscle and antique cars, and boats -- we shall see and will let you know

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Wow, they look great Ed! The berry is a little out of focus, but all and all, good!

Make sure you get a Macro of the hood ornaments and chrome!

thanks Linda

yeah, the berry is fuzzy, it was cropped from a larger pic, guess the auto focus concentrated on the leaves...eh

main trouble with this cam is no thru the lens viewing so it's hard to tell what's in focus -- outside it's hard to see on the viewscreen (without using a black cloth hood, as in days of old, and then I'd have to put my glasses on too :) -- but the BIG advantage is it's small size (slips easily into a pocket--I hate baggage) and really does get some pretty damn good pics with it's 10 megapix capture, even though it doesn't have a big ol' honkin' lens

Don't you just love Digi-cams?

Can't you buy a larger storage card? I just click and shoot repeatedly on several settings and delete the undesirable pictures, which also is a big advantage of digital

and oh... I delete the undesirable photos after viewing them on my computer so I can inspect them for the best.

thanks Ellen -- I just need more practice with it

Happy Birthday, Ed!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks Kara -- it was nice to talk with you :)

Some one said it's your Birthday ...


I hope you have the best birthday!!!

PS Great pictures :D

thanks Robin
I 'preciate it

and thanks on the pic comment too :)

Happy Birthday!!! And many happy returns!!!

yea fer me...made it through another year!
thanks for the good wishes - I did have a good day :)

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