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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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wood project

here's a pic of the finished newspaper frame

there are 3 mat board panels which slide out so news pages can be taped on and the panel reinserted into the frame -- now hanging in Wendy's publisher's front window

have I mentioned that Willow the princess cat does not like to drink from a bowl? she prefers to lap water from a dripping faucet or (if the lid is left up) use her paw to scoop up water from 'the big bowl' -- so yesterday we bought her one of those water bottles like ya use with rabbits etc, where there's a steel ball in the end of a metal spout that the critter taps with her tongue to get water -- but it's meant to hang on a cage so I had to fabricate a stand for the bottle -- paint on it is drying as I type -- if Willow is willing to cooperate in the use of the new water bottle, I'll post a pic -- if not, I may just beat the shit out of it with a big hammer (the stand, not the cat :) -- stay tuned...

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Why are cats weird like that?
Mine won't drink from a bowl, but leave a glass sitting around and you've lost your drink.

The frame is a great idea. No tacky looking tape holding the pages up. FANTASTIC!

..yes they are -- just too damn independant fer me! and they will jump on your face and suck your breath...me Irish granny told me, so it must be true ;)

Saphron is the same way except the big bowl, he understands that's a litter box and 99% of the time we put the lid down anyway. We just got him one of those kitty drinking fountains. He loves it.

cats do seem to rule their own lives :)

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