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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

some pics from the baloon festival at Howell, MI, yesterday -- between Wendy and I we have scads of photos -- here's one:

filling the baloons pic 1

filling the baloons pic 2

launch 1

launch 2

launch 3




basket 1

basket 2

basket 3

all the pics were supposed to upload as 550 pix wide but LJ changed the size on some -- ?? -- limit on file size? eh, who cares

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Excellent photos Ed!

I like the the large rainbow ballon picture, can I steal that photo?

thanks, glad ya liked 'em
and I don't know why the rainbow one is so large -- must have snagged the wrong file when uploading -- but yeah, make good use of it :)

Those balloons are so aRtistic!!

the guy doing the announcing/monolog/wordblurb before the actual launch, said some folks pay hundreds, even thousands for the original art work on their balloons -- guess this might not seem like too much when the balloon and it's accessories can run in the neighborhood of 4 or 50 K (maybe more?) -- must be nice to have money, hey?

I love that Felix balloon Ed! So cute.

yeah, those balloon people seem to go all out

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