Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

accomplishments of the day

sanded, sealed and put first coat of urethane on newspaper display frame

earrings (slight changes from design sketch)

also did some serious watching the garden grow

went to the local hardware store to buy a new half-round file in hopes that the purchase would cause the missing one to reappear (hah! it worked!) -- while there I also got a 9" square of window glass for a picture frame (which has yet to be made) and was surprised to have the price be $3.29 -- yikes! I mentioned to the manager (who happened to be helping out with check-out that I could get a sheet of glass with a frame at a dollar store -- to which he replied: but it would come from China and his glass was made right here in Michigan -- indicating, I 'spose that he preferred to sell American made goods -- when I got home, guess what I found stamped on the file ...

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