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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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this and that

been doing a bit of restaurant eating the last week
went to the glass and ceramic show in Royal Oak, MI last Sat -- Wendy suggested a seafood place (forget the name), nice place but not being a seafood fancier, I was hoping they might have a least a meager meat and potatos offering, but no -- so I had broiled fresh tuna, not bad, not bad

Sunday, being fathers day, Wendy and her mom took me to Prime Time in St Clair Shores -- need I say I had a fine hunk-a-prime-rib?

Then Monday we went to Andiamo's out by Eastland -- oh wow! oh wow! such Italian food I haven't had since departing NJ, good service, nice atmosphere, aaand they make their own yummy NY style cheesecake...sigh

so you won't be under the misapprehension that all I've been doing is eating, let me put your minds at rest -- thinking about some new earring designs and am currently working on a frame to hang in Wendy's publisher's front window -- he puts out several news publications and has been hanging (with tape) front pages in the window -- tacky -- so Wendy suggested a frame with slide in/out panels to display the paper front pages in a 'more professional' way -- I was elected to do the design and fabrication -- nothing fancy, just clean and easy to use -- pics to follow on completion

also been out diggin' in the dirt, weeding, transplanting, pruning etc -- the weather here the last 2 days has been scrumptious, absolutely good enough to eat (wonder how one would prepare it?) -- with that, I guess I've come full circle back to eating again...might be time for some ice cream...ummmmmmmm

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Man, that girlfriend of yours is a pain in the ass. All she does is eat and volunteer you for jobs.

I think she owes you. BIG time.

Tell her I said so.

yes she does...but then I also owe her BIG time too, so it all works out

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