Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

so I haven't felt like doing much lately -- not really down...a little bluesy...maybe just lazy -- I have been reading most f/l posts but not commenting much...lazy again?

we bought a bird bath a couple of weeks ago -- haven't seen the birds using it but they've left some 'gifts' so I 'sppose they've been around -- dug a circle around the base today to remove the sod and planted some flowers -- will post a pic when the plants grow a little

the marigold and zinnia seeds I saved from last year's plants are still struggling to send up sprouts, but they are coming along slowly

was it warm today or what? and more tomorrow -- so with continued watering and nice warm (hot?) days things should take off pretty soon

need to buy some pepper and tomato plants -- guess it's safe enough to set them out now :)

the miniature door project is patiently waiting for me to get back to work on it, but like I said, 'haven't felt like doing too much'

bought a harness for Willow today so she can be staked down while we're outside without fear of her taking off -- cat on a tether? hmmm we'll see :)

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