Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..over for another year...

..yup father's day's just about over--jd and his gf are on the train back to new haven, jl and her gf are off hangin' wit da friends, m's tucked in the bed fast asleep, after working hard to make today a great day for ME!--can you imagine?? does it get any better than this!

the music fest/art show yesterday was great! temp was perfect, rain went elsewhere, i sold a bunch of work AND! 8 hours of fantastic music, from toshi reagon at noon thru terri hendrix, blackthorn, hohn mceuen, commander cody, JANIS IAN, steve forbert and closing with a cajun 'bayou swamp band' and did they ever get the crowd up and movin' about! all for 17bucks advance, 20 at the gate--bridgeton (south nj) folk festival: best kept secret on the east coast

i believe it's about time for a wee bit more of the f.d. ice cream :)

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