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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..the wind, I mean
yes, winter's come early to Michigan
some snow last night
and at 10:30 in the morning the temp was still only 38F...brrrrr
snow/ice on the ground this AM so it must have been pretty cold last night
the furnace has been running to keep us toasty inside but it's using up the oil
wind's howling but blowing from the south...strange
where the hell is all this cold air coming from?
must be some kind of strange cycle blowing down from the north then re-circling up again
isn't it nice to get this weather report without having to turn on the weather channel?

on more important matters...Wendy's mom came out of the surgery in good shape and so far there doesn't appear to be any infection setting in...that's the biggest worry at this point -- she has pain (of course) and will be in hospital for a few more days, but then will be coming home :)

and on a lighter note, willow (the kitty) is going nuts jumping all over the place, knocking things down, climbing on my neck as I type and just being a little pisser (well, not literally, she's litter box trained :) -- are we feeding her too much?

wish I knew how to give you a sampling of the howling wind here, but I'm slightly technologically impaired -- I'll figure it all out someday -- I feel good when I can set my alarm clock :)

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You aren't the only person on my flist talking about snow, what a strange year, it seems to have gone from Summer, straight to WInter... and I'm glad to hear about Wendys Mom, hope she continues to do well.

thanks Doug, appreciate your good thoughts -- and yeah, the weather has been strange this year, not much rain until the Fall, then floods...and now the cold and snow -- I'm thinking I should go check out the snowblower and it's not even half way through October!!

Oh, that's good news on your mil, I'm sure it's a relief.

Howling wind here, too, sorta like it, but can't be out in it...it's sunny, not snowing though.

aww, thanks for the warm thoughts on the mil (only she's not a mil, Wendy and I aren't married...but she seems and feels like a mil :)

yes! I like the sounds -- love to watch a good thunderstorm with bright flashes of light -- but it is early for such wintry weather here

my aunt is in Grand Rapids & I have no idea how she's doing right now, LOL.

hard to keep track from so many miles away -- we have cells but I can hardly keep up with what's going on with my kids (not really kids anymore...adults, doing their own thing) -- when you're far away it almost becomes 'out of sight, out of mind' -- I know when I was younger and my parents were still alive, I didn't think too much about keeping in close touch -- give your aunt a call

I can program the VCR, but don't ask me to set the alarm clock. I always wake up and wonder why it didn't go off, only to find out that I set it for P.M. instead of A.M.

holy shit
can't even count the times (don't have enough fingers :) I've done that

still haven't fingered out the vcr -- hell, I feel good when I can get the microwave to work :)

I'm not as stupid as I pretend...I can operate the electric can opener (sometimes)

I went out to get a latte this morning and that wind was whippin' my car all over the place.

yeah, I know Vickie, it's been coming and going all day -- is winter here? is al gore all fucked up?

It's supposed to be back in the 60's by next week.

I hope your kind of mil continues to get better!

And I know what you re saying about brrr! I am in sweats now -- it is so cold in the house even with the heat on.

thanks and she does get better day by day -- and at 84 that's pretty good

well as far as house heat goes, I try to keep the thermometer set to 65 and just wear extra clothes if I feel chilly ('course sometimes I just run naked to the john and that becomes a bit of an experience at this time of the year :)

It's been getting cold at night here(thirty degrees right now) but the days have been sunny and beautiful.

can't beat new england in the fall -- temps here keep dropping too, not quite down to 30 yet (well, maybe at night while I'm dozing :) but it was below 40 this morning with more icyness (is that a word?) on the cars and ground -- trees are turning here too, but somehow the colors don't seem as bright as the north east -- lotsa red leaves on the lawn

go north young man...and see what the color's really about :) -- take a ride up 202 and stop at some apple farms along the way -- have fun!

I'm glad to hear Wendy's Mom is doing well. And regarding your frolicking kitty... that's what they do at that age. They go nuts over anything and nothing at all. Just growing pains you'll have to put up with for a couple years til it matures. I'm jealous actually... I miss the hyper-fits my kitties would have and provided endless hours of entertainment for Doug and I. ;-)

I want snow! Grrr!


.. yeah, they're fun to watch but climbing around my head at night is not quite the same kind of fun -- Wendy's niece got one of the litter-mates and brings her over sometimes...and the 2 cats just go nuts, running and jumping and wrestling -- they are a hoot to watch :)

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