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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

so, it's another one of those days
couldn't get the bowels to move so I took a double dose of Metamucil
and now I've got the shits

aren't you glad you tuned into this channel? :)

went out to cut the grass and had to stop 3 times to run into the little room
but the grass is done -- planted the new flowers -- haven't done the
edging along the walk and drive yet 'cause I'm just too pooped (no pun)
and refuse to use power equipment that just makes a hell of a racket
when a spade works just fine -- so maybe tomorrow for that
and then when I was out in the yard...I started to think (yeah, I know
what you're gonna say, he actually thinks?) -- I've tried drying the
flowers and they just all get brown and nasty looking -- so what about
pressing? any advice out there? -- I'm guessing that individual petals
would work better than trying to press an entire zinnia or rose, but I
don't know about these things -- willing to learn, though

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I haven't dried zinneas before - but drying roses, I hang them upside down, and they seem to hold their color better.

pansies and the like, pressing a whole flower works well.
I used to use my (homemade) cold water press (when I wasn't pressing paper)...or, a big book works, too.

for things like salvia, geraniums - I remove the wilting flowers, separate the petals, and dry them flat (I have a food dehydrator I use when I'm in a hurry - like, needing an ingredient for incense or something)

I hope your bad butt goes away SOON!

..yeah, me too -- it comes and goes (hmm, that's not some kinda metaphor, is it? ;) -- when I had a colonscopy a couple of years ago the doc said 'more fiber' and even though the stuff if flvored like orange and somehow sweetened, it still tastes like shit ... oh, wait, that's what it's s'posed to help with, huh?

'aren't you glad you tuned into this channel?'

Can't be much worse than you having to read my 'too much information' post this morning!

OK, we're even!
stories about mensturation and bad bowels cancel each other out :)
loveya -- you're a gem of o/l conversation

I think I can join each of you on both fronts there - ugh. At least I got to eat popcorn for a change - it usually gums up the works too much for me to enjoy it.

yeah, I'm not really into poopcorn -- eat it sometimes but it's a 'stick in the teeth' and problems next day kinda thing

I say buy a food dehydrator to dry flowers. I just bought one to dry figs. But I've already tested about 20 other things in it just because it's there. Great fun. Maybe I'll pick some roses and do a test batch on those.

yeah, I thought about that -- but then I was thinking 'just hang the bastards in the garage', I mean, it's dry there and the price is right -- I think I'm gonna just start pulling petals and seeing what I can do with them, I dunno about how color transfers but I was thinking about pressing them onto w/c paper and see how that works

Oooh! using w/c paper is a great idea.

I stuck a couple of roses in the dehydrator after reading your post. I'll tell you tomorrow how it turns out.

wouldn't you need 'em wet to transfer the color? -- it's dark out now, but I'm gonna pull a few petals just to see how the shit goes down

Oh see, I was thinking (and may I not be struck by lightning for saying it) that Martha Stewart did a project where she used leaves and grass to make imprints on a table cloth. Basically she laid her cloth out, put the leaf on top, layer of wax paper and then used a rolling pin to crush the color out of the leaf thus staining the cloth. In theory, I think it would work with w/c paper and flowers too. I know that my perfume making experiment with rose petals dyed my fingers and the concrete red. Maybe a test batch of wet vs dry.

did she do that when incarcerated? I can't imagine them allowing rolling pins...but who knows, if ya got enough money I guess anything goes :) -- maybe she told 'em she was going to bake something special for the guards...an apple or peach pie?

well, I went out with a flashlight and grabed a few flower petals -- tried pounding them down with a hammer (hell, I love to pound things with a hammer--such an agresion release :) -- but that didn't work so I've got some with boards and 'c' clamps -- will see how that comes out tomorrow

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