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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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shooting butterflies...

..with a camera!
we ventured across the border into Canada yesterday to Point Pelee nature reserve to photo some butterflies 'cause the area is one of their stopping points on migration but alas, there weren't too many there but we had a good time and got lotsa good pics anyway -- here's a montage of a few:

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Just wanted you to know this was really inspiring for me yesterday and helped me stay motivated while doing a lot of crap I needed to get done. Thank you. *hugs*

aww...you're making me weepy -- glad the pics helped you through the day -- we all have a lot of 'crap' to get done and some days there just aren't enough hours -- and hugs back atcha, (hell, I don't even know yer name ... but hugs anyway -- hope today's a good one without too much crap ;)

oh, and btw that's a very nice icon -- did you do the art work?

It's Michelle, Ed... =) And thanks again. I was in part referring to the pics that I ended up taking Tuesday afternoon - click here.

And thank you, I did do the art work for that icon!

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