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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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shooting butterflies...

..with a camera!
we ventured across the border into Canada yesterday to Point Pelee nature reserve to photo some butterflies 'cause the area is one of their stopping points on migration but alas, there weren't too many there but we had a good time and got lotsa good pics anyway -- here's a montage of a few:

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Awww, I like the butterfly in the bottom right corner!

thanks -- we had a good day -- got back pretty late though -- and the border guard wanted to know what our relationship was...wtf?

You should have told them you're brother and sister then planted a big, sloppy, tounge kiss on her!

that would've been a hoot :)
but her passport says MI and mine says NJ and then there's the name difference -- but it coulda worked...and then my hand in her pants would've added to the drama, huh? -- 'course I didn't have any pants on at all, so that's probably what brought up the question -- do you think I have to be committed?

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